Saturday, September 7, 2013

1st day of Kindergarten!

1st day of school
Aleigha started kindergarten this year and LOVES it.  She couldn't wait to get back in school after the summer so she could start socializing again.  She had a great two years at Montessori preschool (same as Grayson) and during the summer, we have a college age sitter.  Aleigha has Mrs. Mandros as her kindergarten teacher and she thinks she is really nice.  So far, she hasn't had much homework.  The only take home homework she has had so far is making a paper doll that looks like her.  She loved doing that.  She always has stories for us after school.  Aleigha also informs us that she has a new boyfriend named James.  Her boyfriend at Montessori was Will.  So Will has been replaced by James already... Wonder how long James will last?  hehehe
Aleigha is also in gymnastics this year at Rising Stars Academy.  She loves doing cartwheels all the time!
1st homework assignment

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