Saturday, September 7, 2013

1st day of Kindergarten!

1st day of school
Aleigha started kindergarten this year and LOVES it.  She couldn't wait to get back in school after the summer so she could start socializing again.  She had a great two years at Montessori preschool (same as Grayson) and during the summer, we have a college age sitter.  Aleigha has Mrs. Mandros as her kindergarten teacher and she thinks she is really nice.  So far, she hasn't had much homework.  The only take home homework she has had so far is making a paper doll that looks like her.  She loved doing that.  She always has stories for us after school.  Aleigha also informs us that she has a new boyfriend named James.  Her boyfriend at Montessori was Will.  So Will has been replaced by James already... Wonder how long James will last?  hehehe
Aleigha is also in gymnastics this year at Rising Stars Academy.  She loves doing cartwheels all the time!
1st homework assignment


Grayson started 6th grade at Parkside Junior High a few weeks ago.  It has been a much easier transition than I had expected.  He really enjoys changing classrooms and teachers throughout the day.  He also loves having choices for lunch in the cafeteria!  It seems like he has great teachers too.  He is on the "D-Team" this year.  Parkside has 7 teams (P R K S D E) so the kids have a smaller group to get to know and they do fun stuff together.  The school has a great website where the parents can see what the homework is every night and what he bought for lunch and what his grades are so far.  It is also really cool that all the kids get their own laptop during the school year.  Much of their homework is done on the computer.  The kids do not have text books.  Their textbooks are online!  Grayson loves it!
1st day of school

Grayson has also joined the Cross Country team and is really enjoying it.  They run 2 mile races during their meets.  Today, for example, they are running in the East Peoria Invite in Peoria, IL so they get to ride the bus there and on the way home they will be stopping at Culvers to eat lunch.  The season is just a few months long and they have about 6 or 7 meets.  Grayson run two miles in about 17 min which I think is really good!
during a race in Peoria, IL
So far, junior high hasn't been too bad..... :)


I'm glad mine is GONE now.  I would never want to go through the hysterectomy experience again though.  The 1st 24 hrs after surgery was like a nightmare where I couldn't wake up.  Pain everywhere.. indescribable pain/discomfort.  I even had pain in my eyes!  I couldn't fully wake up from the anesthesia either which made everything seem like it was in slow motion.  I'm documenting this now (since the surgery was only 3 days ago) so I won't forget.  Everyone I have talked to that has had this surgery in the past said it was the best decision. However, they have forgotten to mention about the pain associated with it!  HaHa.  Every day gets better though and I'm sure I will be telling everyone the same thing a few months from now....
Here is a pic of my luxury hospital room that I was so lucky to have!  I should also mention that I had GREAT nurses while I was in the hospital as well.  I really shouldn't be complaining because everything went as planned.  No complications during or after surgery.  :)

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Camping at SF Park

State Farm Park hosts an annual camping event and Grayson brought two of his friends this year (Ty and Collin).  This was the 1st year that we had a Camper as well.  We usually put up a tent but Jeff borrowed his brother's Camper for the weekend.  The boys had a BLAST!  I, of course, left at 9:30pm and went home to sleep in my own bed.  Aleigha was brave enough to stick it out all night as well for the 1st time.  She thought she was big stuff.


  They love to play games outside - they make up games called MineCraft and Hunger Games!

Aleigha feeding the ducks

at the trailer....

they did not want to leave!!

State Farm Kid's Triathlon

Grayson and his friend, Ben, completed their 1st Kid's Triathlon in August!  They both did a great job and we're so proud of them.
SWIMMING first...
then BIKING...

Finally, RUNNING
after the race.....

this picture says it all.....  :)

YAY!  a trophy, water bottle and t-shirt to take home!

1st day of the 2012-2013 school year

Grayson is in 5th grade - the last year of elementary school... His teacher is Mrs. Kalina and we love her.  They have a pet gerbil, named Kesha, the he adores.  Mrs. Kalina doesn't believe in homework so we have lucked out this year.  She is very much into technology and communicating with other kids all over the world.  This is the first year that we've allowed Grayson to walk to school.  It is exactly one mile and he always walks to and from school with his friend, Collin.

Aleigha is in her last year of pre-school at Montessori and she still loves it!  She loves school and making stuff to bring home and pretending to do homework at night.  She tells me she has two boyfriends this year. (Last year she only had one boyfriend.)  These boys do not know of this situation but Aleigha loves to talk about them!

blogging... oops... (Indiana Dunes)

It is so easy to post updates on Facebook so I've neglected this blog!  :(  So here are some updates...
We went to Indiana Dunes in August.  It was such a nice beach and great trails and dunes... but very sandy as you can tell from my shoe after a hike...

at a restaurant   == of course, they had a balloon lady while we waited!
at the top of one of the biggest dunes

at an Ourdoor World store.. it was HUGE!